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Used Plant Equipment Blog

Blog all about earthworks, soil improvements, flood alleviation and other construction support services.

Soil stablisation

We are experts at using lime, cement and other binder materials to geotechnically adjust areas of weak soil to allow for greater weight bearing for construction material. This is an exceptionally cost effective construction method for improving the weight bearing properties of virtually any soil found on site. Typical uses are: housing, railways, bulk fill applications, built roads and industrial units.

Quality Control

We hire our own engineers to monitor quality throughout the process alongside regular external checks from testing companies. We ensure that construction work can be carried out cost effectively and quickly through our soil stabilisation techniques.

Plant Machinery

We use a wide range of Plant Machinery to ensure that we can deliver results quickly. If you’re a building and construction company, you’ll recognize that an important factor in saving money is making use of the correct tools. When it comes to cash, every second actually does matter.

Recycling and Landfill

We operate a number of waste recycling centres throughout the region and current are running sites at Boughton near Northampton and Kettering. These sites are combined with landfill operations.

Material collected is subject to meeting WAC (Waste Acceptance Critera) from customers sites and are received and inspected on reception into the operation. Loads containing recyclable materials are segregated. Reprocessing then ensures that only unusable waste material goes to the landfill tip. The recyclable materials are then processed to make new construction products.